Not a Nursing Home. A Home with Nursing.

In Northampton, MA, Masonic Health System (MHS) is bringing all
the comforts of home to skilled nursing.

At The Overlook at Northampton, you will see a dramatic change in the traditional idea of “skilled nursing.” Once those words conjured up a clinical setting where lives centered on medical care. Our goal is to move the industry to a person directed care model that brings a balance to all components of a person; physical, social, spiritual and intellectual. Person directed care positively affects quality of life and quality of care for elders with the goal of transforming from efficacy based medical or “paternalistic” care to “consumer directed” models that honor elder life experiences, choices, routines and the natural rhythms and spontaneity of daily life. The goal is to promote purpose and meaning as well as support wellbeing for individuals in a relationship based home environment.

This transformation is taking place in a community known since 1914 as a leader in skilled nursing, memory support, respite services and post-acute care and rehabilitation. Located in Leeds, Massachusetts, The Overlook at Northampton is recognized for person driven short- and long- term care. Elders and their families play an active role in all care decisions. Our staffing ratios are significantly better than industry averages, allowing us the ability to offer close, personal attention, far beyond what conventional nursing centers can provide.

We admit elders 24/7, 365 days a year. We are a Medicare/Medicaid certified health center and accept other insurances.

Above all, we want you to make a confident, well-informed choice. We will guide you to the right resources.

Please call 413-584-8457 or contact us here to learn more.

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